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Disneyland Korean Style: LOTTE WORLD – SEOUL

Lotte World is a massive self-contained indoor recreation complex, complete with shopping malls, sports facilities, movie theaters, a Folk Museum, and the luxurious five-star Lotte Hotel World located right beside the amusement park.  It even made its entry to Guinness Book of Records as the biggest indoor theme park in the world! This Korea’s version of Disneyland brings out all the razzle-dazzle of an amusement park with rides, parades, and even an ice-skating rink.  Being someone who has not let go of her inner child, I was thrilled to discover Lotte World! IMG_20150601_082958

At the entrance, Lotte world looks small from the outside


Lotte World is directly connected to Jamsil Station (Subway Line 2 & 8).  It took us about 25 minutes from Chungmuro station to Jamsil.  Upon getting off at Jamsil Station we saw signs that lead us right to the impressive entrance gate of the Lotte World.  You wouldn’t miss it anyway, it’s that prominent. When we went downstairs to buy the entry tickets, we were taken aback by the very long queue. Luckily, another ticketing booth just opened for business and we instantly took the chance to be the first ones in the new queue.  But hey! What queue?  When you are the first, the notion of a queue suddenly ceases to exist.  Aha, call it a lucky day!


Lotte World offers two main options for entry: a Daily Passport Ticket or an Admission Only Ticket. The Daily Passport allows access to all attractions (except some specialty ones, which cost extra) while the Admission Only option requires visitors to purchase tickets inside the park in order to experience those rides and shows. A Daily Passport costs 46,000 Won (US$44) for adults, 40,000 Won ($38) for teenagers 13 -17, 30,000 Won ($28.50) for children 3-12 and 12,000 Won ($11.50) for those under 3. The Admission Only tickets are about 80 percent of those prices, which means they’re only useful if you plan on going on very few rides (which cost between 1,000 and 5,000 a ride). There are also discounted admission prices after 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. We opted for the Admission only tickets.  Click here for an updated currency exchange rate.


Lotte World’s 45 attractions feature a wide range of selection to serve every age group. At the ticketing booth, you will also receive a map showing all the attractions for your easy navigation. The Indoor Adventure Theme Park promises something for everyone, especially families with younger kids. The four-level, open-air complex features a huge ice rink on the ground floor, with a series of shops, restaurants, cafes, desert shops and other goodies on each successive tier. On the top-level, there’s a quirky make-believe land that’s connected by a slow-moving monorail. Apart from being huge, each of its four floors has a new story to tell and new joys to explore.

lotte world 1

Inside the complex

IMG_20150601_102900 drunker cup

Drunken cups – spin around and around and around…..

giant loop

Fun of somersault? Try this one as you will flip in the air along with the outside world hehe…


Camelot Carousel – Graceful run of wooden horses revolving in a dreamy trail.


Aeronauts balloon ride  – The best mid-air observation course in Lotte World and a romantic nighttime date for lovers!

The first attraction we went to was called “Desperado II”.  It’s a 3D animation shooting game set up as a small cinema for maybe couple dozen people, or less. The rows of seats are on a sharp slope to eliminate any screen view obstructions.  Every seat has a holster with a laser gun you use to shoot the monsters on-screen.  As long as you’re not too serious about your score, “Desperados II” makes for a wild adventure, and one I found worthy of repeating. It was fun and kind of funny too since they rank everyone from who shot the most monsters to who shot the least. Then, at the end, a photo of your face was covertly taken by cameras you can’t see, and is displayed on the big screen, among all the other players, with your personal score, for all to see.  If you happen to have one of the lowest scores like me, you will most likely be very desperate to try ‘Desperados II’ for the second time, to redeem yourself from that‘public humiliation’ you’ve been subjected to hahaha.  But fortunately, everybody was focused exclusively on their own scores, and I was wearing big shades when leaving. LOL!


The first interactive shooting game facility in Korea.

We also tried the wild 4D Adventures set in a few different settings with all that shaking, tilting and vibrating of the seats, to fool the senses into believing it’s all for Real. There was always a story line to all the adventures as well but I couldn’t understand a thing since it was in Korean. But just the same, I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and was amazed at how easily my mind could be tricked into believing I was physically there, even though I clearly knew I wasn’t.  It felt so real!

After  exploring the indoor theme park, we headed to the “other side” of Lotte World! Connected by a passageway from the second floor of Indoor Adventure is the OutdoorMagic Island Theme Park that sits on a man-made island in the middle of Seok Chon Lake.   Here’s where some of the real thrills begin!

When I first went in, I was taken away by the awesome view – the iconic “Disney” castle!  It was sheer bliss to see how lovely it looked. Words alone can’t do justice to how I felt in that moment. Though you can’t actually go inside the castle, it’s still picture-worthy. I’m just so happy that I finally have a photo in front of the pretty castle like a tourist. lotte-world-castle

The castle in the middle gives the place a fairy tale atmosphere.

IMG_20150601_111315 You can find the majority of the extreme rides in the outdoor theme park. When I say extreme, I really mean really extreme!  The three unquestionable stomach-wrenching stars are Gyro Swing, a free fall, and swing in a giant pendulum;  Gyro Drop, where a gently swirling pendulum hoists you up the 70-meter tower for a spectacular bird’s eye view of Lotte World, before culminating in a free-fall drop of 100 kilometers per hour. Lastly, don’t miss Bungee Drop, a sudden fall experience from a height of 38-meters… and just when you think it’s over, get screaming again!  Sadly, I didn’t get to try them. It’s okay, though, since I can always go back to Korea (hahahaha…. I know 🙂 ).

Picture1 atlantis


Picture3 gyro swing

Gyro Spin

Picture1 - gyro swing

Gyro Swing 


Waikiki Wave

There are also less terrifying choices, like the Comet Express, a coaster space voyage, or The Haunted House, Korea’s first 3D horror theater. Kids will be kept happy with child-friendly rides like the Petit Pang Pang, a classical European car ride around the lake; and Fantasy Dream, a fantasy train journey into a land of candies and animals. ghost house

Ghost  House –  an unavoidable horror will hit you by surprise! 

flume ride

Flume ride Special adventure –  you will get the chance to experience the Jurassic Era!  Be ready to get wet, though.

img_5562 Comet Express – This is an indoor style roller coaster, but the creative part of this ride is that your ‘seats’ can spin 360 degrees, and together with the speed, it  can really make your heart rate shoot up.

swing tree

Swing Tree – Spin with unstoppable fun!  (Photo credit:


In terms of food, Lotte World offers much of the same snacks you’d expect at any theme park: popcorn, ice cream, and churros. There are pizza  and hot dogs. There are also Italian eateries, burger joints, and traditional Korean restaurants.   We settled for a lunch at an impressive-looking Chinese Restaurant positioned right by the water – that’s what attracted us.  Unfortunately, it looked much less impressive inside, but we stuck to our choice for the water view, even though the food options were also very limited.  We ordered two set meals, which came with noodle soup, banchan, sweet and sour pork and Jajangmyeon, plus soda and beer which set us back 24,000 Won (about $25 U.S.). From our experience the restaurants at Lotte World are over-priced and the food is quite disappointing. However, the little snack shops are much more enjoyable and better value for money.

We went back inside the complex, wandered some more and ended up in this one corridor that reminded me of Singapore’s Trick Eye museum! There were a lot of optical illusion paintings which can be used as backdrops for photo ops.  We did try a couple of shots but since I had tons of pictures of this kind from Singapore – that didn’t excite me that much anymore.

After a few minutes rest  and some ice cream we headed back to Chungmuro to have dinner and get ready for a movie night. But if you want to spend more time you can go around the Lotte department store where you can find luxury brands for shoes, makeup, perfume, clothes, and bags. Or you can go to Lotte Mart located few meters from the ticketing booth. This is the best place to buy small treats for your  friends and family back home. Make the most out of their irresistible promos and bundled goods at a low price!

That sums up my Lotte World experience. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading it!  I want to hear from your Lotte World experience too, share your thoughts  in the comment box below.


Beat the Queue and get to the rides quicker with the Magic Pass, a quick boarding reservation service for some of the more popular rides. Available only for daily and annual passport holders.

For more information visit Lotte World’s official website.

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10 comments on “Disneyland Korean Style: LOTTE WORLD – SEOUL

  1. Milosz Zak
    September 25, 2015

    Very interesting, I always knew you could find a lot of theme parks like these in Asia. I understand there’s a fascination there with such things, pretty cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ynah CA
      September 26, 2015

      Right Milosz. Any place where you can bring the entire family and have fun would be a sure hit in Asia just like the theme park 😉


  2. Karla
    September 26, 2015

    I enjoyed lotte world and just like you I felt it was like Disneyland. I loved the castle too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nic Hilditch-Short
    September 26, 2015

    This is cool, never knew this was in Korea. It’s great to just have an awesome day of fun and going back to being a kid again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ynah CA
      September 26, 2015

      Thank you Nic! Never too old for a theme park experience 😉


  4. Michelle | Diagnosis:Wanderlust
    September 28, 2015

    You can never have too much Disney! Would love to visit all of the Disney parks one day!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. melvi
    June 4, 2017

    hai, me and my friends are planning to visit the lotte world, but we are a little confused on the magic pass for all attractions that cost 100.000 won. Do you know, is that kind of magic pass includes the entrance ticket? or is it seperated. Should we buy the passport pass first to buy the magic pass? Or should we buy only the admission only ticket and then buy the magic pass separately? your answer will be a huge help :)) thanks


    • Ynah CA
      June 4, 2017

      Hi Melvi! Passport pass is good if you want to experience a hassle free rides, but if you plan to experience selected rides only, then go for the admission only tickets.


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