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View of the Cityscape from KL (Menara)TOWER Malaysia

Along with the Petronas Twin Towers, the KL Tower is one of the most popular tourist spots and iconic landmark in Kuala Lumpur.   Menara Tower (as the locals call it) is the seventh-tallest telecommunication tower in the world and the tallest in Southeast Asia. The tower majestically stands at 421 meters high at the top of Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill) at 94 meters above sea level. 

Standing statuesque in all its glory, Kl Tower dominates the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.  Its architecture reflects the Islamic heritage of Malaysia. The design reflects intricate detailing of Arabic scripts, classic Islamic floral, and colorful abstract motifs. Worth mentioning here that KL Tower also serves as an observation deck to observe the crescent moon that marks the beginning of Ramadan.

How to get there:

The tower is a walk from either the LRT or monorail, but if you don’t want to do some leg work out, you can grab a taxi from the station and go to the tower for a very reasonable rate. There’s also a free shuttle bus  that runs about every 15 minutes at the bottom of the parking lot, which will take you to the tower. 


One of the main highlights of KL Tower is the Observation Deck.  It is open from 9:00am until 10:00pm, all year round. You can buy individual tickets for any of the main attractions, or packages that combine a number of attractions. I purchased a combo ticket for the Blue Coral Aquarium plus the Observation Deck which cost me RM61 (14 USD).  

Observation Deck 

At the top of the tower you will see an indoor observation deck that seats at 276 meters above the ground and the more thrilling open deck at 300 meters above the ground.

Be sure to ask for the audio-video guide as soon as you enter the observation deck. It comes free so better take advantage of it.  The audio-video guide will help you get accustomed with the important landmarks of the vast city. This will also keep your mind away from thinking “how to survive when an earthquake strike?”!  Which keeps playing on my mind the whole time I was there.  Creepy? Oh well, good thing there was none.

Anyway, I spent two hours in the observation deck to experience the magical transition of Kuala Lumpur from day to night, and witness the magnificent view of the cityscapes as it happen. After  almost 30 minutes of  waiting the sun starts to set. The sunlight diffused and a beautiful warm tones cast across the horizon, it’s truly an amazing site to see. There is definitely something very special about these times of day, it has that power of making people stop and just take everything in. 

It was so mesmerizing to see the golden glow of the sunset but the perfect lights only lasted for a few minutes. And as soon as the sun hits the horizon, majority of the observers begin to pack up and head down. I stay foot.  The twilight is about to take place and I just can’t miss it. Merely a minute after, the sunset colors fade away and an entire new set of colors begin to splay out across the sky. The cityscapes really comes to life.  It’s very calming and invigorating. 

Then the city lights started to appear .. one… two… a dozen … hundreds… until a dramatic transformation begin. The entire city turns into a bed of lights! Its like a reflection of the stars above… so magical and equally beautiful.  


Petronas Twin Towers as seen from the Menara KL Tower


Petronas Twin Towers at night as seen from Menara KL Tower



View from Menara Tower

Base Jump and Towerthon

If you are an adrenaline junkie and admiring the view simply bore you, then you can try paragliding to the city below or join the Towerthon by running against the daunting 2,058-step ascent to the top of the tower, as well as a 1km uphill run to start and enjoy the sunset afterward.  Quite  a challenge huh? But if these activities are your cup of tea you can refer to the organizers’ website for details.


Base jump from the top of Menara tower (photo by:

Tropical Reserve and Malaysia’s Culture Village

If you are afraid of heights and you are not that adventurous, you can still enjoy this site by taking a walk at Malaysia’s Cultural Village located at the foot of the tower. Get a peek of their traditional houses and creative handicrafts. Or escape into the tropical rainforest of Bukit Nana’s Nature Reserve.  Experience a variety of flora and fauna that can only be found in Malaysia including the 100-year-old Jelutong tree that was preserved during the original construction of the tower.  


Traditional Malaysian house and a hanging bridge

Where to eat:

At this point, I have pretty much crossed out everything that I need to see in  KL Tower.  There’s only one thing left to do … EAT!  

If you fancy a sophisticated place to eat and don’t mind spending, you can dine at Atmosphere 360  located at the top of KL Tower. Here you can enjoy an unlimited lavish buffet while listening to a wonderful live entertainment. Sounds perfect and romantic, yeah? Well, all yours  if you are willing to shell out RM217 (49 USD from the time of this writing).  And please note there’s a smart-casual dress code.

atmosphere 360

Atmosphere 360 restaurant  (photo by:

I opted to dine somewhere else hehe and  stuffed my self with Laksa and dimsum in one of the eateries at the bottom of the tower. There’s a lot to choose from  actually and each meal is reasonably priced. Perfect for travelling on a budget

Going back to the hotel is not a problem.  There is an executive and a budget taxi counter at the tower for your return trip should you desire a taxi. These are nice because not only do they call a taxi for you, but you pay them so you don’t have to worry about potentially having to haggle with the driver. They give you a ticket which you give to the driver, and you’re all set.

It’s a great experience to visit KL Tower and see the Petronas Twin Towers at a different angle.  If you ask me now if visiting the tower was worth it. I would say from a value point of view that the Menara KL tower is a better option to view the city skyline… 1) it’s cheaper, 2) there’s no time limit, 3) the views really were amazing, 4) there’s  a lot of other things to do than just  view the city center.

For more information about Menera KL Tower tours and packages, please check their website at; or Wikipedia: KL Towerand Google Earth: 3D model of the KL Tower

If you have been to KL Tower share your experience by leaving a comment! If you liked this post, do share and stay tuned with more adventures by following my Facebook or Instagram page!

Happy travels everyone 🙂


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