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New Found Cafe: Toby’s Estate

I recently went to Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati (Philippines) to see a good friend of mine. It’s been a while since our last lunch date, mostly because everyone’s been busy. That’s why when the opportunity presented itself, it’s hard to say no.  We agreed to eat at Eco Plaza only to end up at Toby’s Estate.  To be honest, that was the first time I’ve heard of the place. And I’m kind of disappointed by their lack of social media presence. You would only know about this place by specifically “googling” it. Or in my case, through my friend.

Later, I’ve learned that Toby’s Estate originated in Australia and that it has been the toast of the town for coffee lovers when it opened in New York and in Singapore. And in a City of coffee lovers like the Philippines, that’s got to be a compliment.

Toby's estate 2

Down the path towards Toby’s Estate

toby's estate 1

At the entrance with its semi-transparent design behind bars.

The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by a prominent coffee bar and a guest seating. There’s a different vibe than what I’m used to for coffee shops. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but I guess it’s not so commercial, it’s very homey and relaxing. I really love the black and white theme and their architectural touch. Everything looks carefully designed even in the tiniest of details. It is bright and airy with good spacing between tables which is something I particularly appreciate – truly my ideal coffee shop. A true alternative to the mass market brands we find in every corner.


Toby’s coffee bar


One of the wall paintings that can be seen inside Toby’s Estate.

We came in around 12:30 and it was half full but after just a few minutes the place started to be swarmed with customers. So understandably our orders took a little while. I got myself this chorizo in tomato sauce pasta, while my friend settled for mushroom in olive oil pasta. The price ranges from 300-500 for food and 90-200 for coffee depending on size. It’s pricey, too expensive for me actually.  The cost of the pasta alone was Php350 ($7.60) drinks not even included.  But when the food arrived, I didn’t mind ordering anything else. The serving was huge and the taste was superb! I’m so satisfied!

Chorizo pasta

Chorizo Pasta

This Chorizo Pasta was served with crumbled Spanish chorizo sautéed in spicy tomato sauce and basil oil. The rigatoni made the dish even more special, creating a flavorful burst with every bite!  Like heaven in my mouth.

Mushroom pasta

Mushroom Pasta

The Mushroom Pasta was quite a plateful of al dente linguine, with subtle smoky flavors of sautéed mushrooms with garlic, parsley, and herbs cooked in olive oil. It’s very light and perfect for a health conscious individual 🙂


Mocha latte

Mocha Latte

After savoring the pasta we ordered their signature coffee.  Cafe mocha for me and long black for my friend. The coffee was not as strong since there’s only one shot of full-bodied espresso  with bittersweet mocha sauce  and more of steamed milk but it was still quite prominent.  I could really taste the depth of flavor. The latte art was impeccable too.



There is more than coffee in Toby’s Estate of course… Pastries and desserts are plenty. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try any of these. But would love to go back and give it a shot!

By the way, the place is totally Instagram-worthy. However, I don’t think they have a Wi-Fi so bring your portable one just in case. But hey, interacting with your friends is better than staring at a screen! Enjoy every moment with them… 🙂

Can’t wait to go back!

Toby’s Estate Whitespace
Whitespace Manila
2314 Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City


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